Health & Safety Jobs FAQs

What responsibilities does a Health and Safety Officer have at work?

Health and Safety Officers responsibilities include:

  • Minimising accidents and injuries whilst at work on the designated business premise.
  • Create and implement a safe environment for people to work and be in.
  • Risk Assessment, Site Inspections, Investigation incidents and accidents, keeping detailed records of these scenarios.
  • Implement Health and Safety laws, train employees with company policies.
  • Handling, removal and disposal of hazardous substances.
  • Oversee installation of new equipment and machinery. 

What is a HSE Job?

HSE Jobs are Health, Safety, Environmental Jobs.

What does a HSE Officer/Advisor do?

HSE officers are health, safety, and environment officers also referred to as environmental health and safety officers. The main responsibilities of an HSE Officer is to observe health and safety procedures, evaluate and minimise risk, create and implement ideas that will reduce danger and  hazards within the workplace.

HSE officers and advisors must have a genuine interest in people's wellbeing, their job ultimately results in every employee's safety. They have to demonstrate excellent communication and earn respect from everyone around them.

They are integral to the smooth running of every business where risk and dangerous situations occur.

How much do HSE Officers and Health and Safety Advisors earn?
Salaries for HSE officers and Safety advisors are usually in the region of £24,000 to £35,000. Very Experienced HSE officers and Safety advisors earn between £35,000  to £50,000. Management and Senior Positions range between £60,000 to £80,000 and HSE Directors can earn £80,000 plus.

It is a very rewarding job role not only financially as it also gives you the opportunity to save lives.

How many industry sectors can I find HSE Jobs and Health and Safety careers in?

Common perceptions of jobs in the Health and Safety industry mostly point towards people working on Building and Construction sites. Health and Safety jobs in Construction are obviously vital but it is not the only industry sector where health and safety is essential in the work place.

Health and Safety is important in all environments but the main areas in demand are:

Oil and Gas, Nuclear Power, Power Stations, Rail, Construction, Chemicals, Hazardous Waste, Fire and Asbestos, Manufacturing, Mining and Quarries.

What Qualifications do I need to work in Health and Safety?

There are several qualifications that you can achieve to work in Health and Safety, we have listed below the most popular courses available.

NEBOSH, IOSH, COSH, NCRQ (National Compliance and Risk Qualification) NVQ, ProQual NVQ and City Guilds.

For more information and to find courses with some of the worlds’ leading Health and Safety training providers please visit the resources section of this website.

What type of Job titles and roles are available in the Health and Safety Industry?

As in all employment industries and businesses there are number of job roles and careers available, they are as follows:

  • Health and Safety Apprentice
  • Health and Safety Graduate
  • Health & Safety Administrator
  • Health & Safety Advisor
  • Health & Safety Officer
  • Health & Safety Coordinator
  • Health & Safety Engineer
  • Health & Safety Technician
  • Health & Safety Inspector
  • Health & Safety Manager
  • Health & Safety Director

Health and Safety Education Roles:

  • Health & Safety Lecturer
  • Health & Safety Trainer
  • Health & Safety Assessor

Health and Safety Business Development:

  • Health & Safety Sales Executive

What are popular HSE Job Titles and Job Roles?

There are several types of job roles available in the HSE industry sector, these include: 

HSE Advisor, HSE Officer, HSE Coordinator, HSE Director, HSE Engineer, HSE Manager, HSE Trainer, HSE Consultant.

Where can i find a Job in Health and Safety?

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